At Leapfrog we aim to provide to best quality care and our nursery benefits from brand new facilities for the children to enjoy.



We have 3 unique rooms to cater for all ages. Our baby room is a peaceful environment with a separate soft play and sensory room and a separate sleep room. Our toddler room is full of learning tools and creative play equipment with a focus on free play. Our pre-school room for our eldest children has a more structured day with a focus on learning an group activities. We also have children’s toilets and sinks installed so children can use these independently and so we can commence toilet training in a fun child sized environment.


We have a large playground exclusively for our nursery which features lots of outdoor toys as well as water play and sand pit stations.  All children get plenty of time outside and we also have outdoor learning sessions on plants, flowers, insects and growing our own food.




All food and snacks are provided at our nursery and we are committed to provide healthy and tasty food for all the children. Our meals are freshly prepared each day and we are a nut free and pork free nursery.  All our menus are available a week in advance for parents and we can be 100% flexible based on requests and feedback.